Due to Covid-19 health restrictions we can only have a limited number of students on each class at present. The Longbridge dojo has not yet reopened from the lock down and we have six (6) places available in the two rooms which are operating as completely separate spaces at the Weoley Castle Dojo, giving us a total of twelve (12) places available for students when both rooms are in use. At present we are running three classes during different time slots on the Tuesdays and Thursdays in both rooms. Therefore to try and provide a fair a means as possible and avoid disappointment if you wish to train on a class you need to pre-book a place and pay Sensei Hession ideally in advance via the correct sum of cash in a sealed envelope with your name on to be handed to Sensei Hession covering all pre-booked sessions.

Please make a booking for each student attending e.g. a parent and child would be two bookings.