Watch our new promotional video!

Young boy smiling and punching

We thought you might enjoy our latest promotional video for the club as we return to dojo training in 2021. This video was shot during the class on Saturday 22nd May 2021 at our relatively new Bournville College Dojo (as unfortunately it was closed by the Coronavirus restrictions soon after initially opening). If you are an existing student and haven’t visited there yet please come and check it out, it’s a great venue to train in.

New members are welcome, please contact Sensei Susan Hession if you are interested in joining as always the first two classes are a free trial before joining.… Read the rest

Welcome Back II – The return of the adults

Adults dressed in karate suits in a guard pose

Welcome back! It’s been a busy week here at Birmingham & Weoley Castle Shotokan Karate since this is the first week this year both adults and children have been able to train in the dojo. We have had new starters and returning students young and old , some who have not been able to train since before the pandemic. It will come as no surprise that we were overjoyed to see everyone face to face again. Whilst we have been able to keep in touch and train online in Zoom together these past months there is always that extra buzz being back in a dojo not to mention the relief that you no longer have to worry about kicking over your TV!… Read the rest

Welcome Back I – The kids are back

Junior line up

Well its great to be able to train in the dojo now that the first stage of the coronavirus easing of restrictions is here, so we would like to say Welcome back to all our juniors. We have had a great week with the childrens classes resuming at Weoley Castle and Bournville College. It’s been great to see you all again in person and be able to welcome new starters to the club. In a few weeks time we hope to be able to welcome back our adult students as well.

Here are a few photos from our first return to dojo training in 2021.… Read the rest

Socially Distanced: The Training Continues

Socially Distanced: The Training Continues

Well September is almost over and it has been a busy month. We introduced a booking system for classes due to the limited spaces available and although there have been a few disappointments we have been mostly able to let everyone train when they wanted to. Everyone is now getting used to socially distanced training and we thank all students and their relatives in helping us maintain social distancing and adhering to covid restrictions. As the Covid-19 situation has evolved around us and rules changed we have adapted and have and will continue to take all the measures necessary to protect our students and our instructors.… Read the rest

The Return Of The Karate-Ka

The Return Of The Karate-Ka

Well a new new routine has settled in since we have returned to the dojo so it seemed a good time to do a round up of the journey so far.The Longbridge dojo is yet to reopen but we are currently running classes on Mondays, Tuesdays (an extra night whilst Longbridge is still closed) and Thursdays at the Weoley Castle dojo. Since the return we have had a few junior students who trained throughout the lockdown on zoom take socially distanced kyu gradings under an adapted syllabus. We would like to congratulate all of you on your new grades, you’ve trained hard over the last few months despite the challenging circumstances and progressed.… Read the rest

Practical tips for home training

Hello folks,

As we now all find ourselves at home, it seems an appropriate time to provide our students with tips that will help them to train within their own home. This is not a training regime or tutorial but general advice on home training and adapting their karate to the training environment.

I hope you find it useful,

Osu Sensei Richard

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The Dojo Diary: Sweeps & Throws on the Tatami

The Dojo Diary: Sweeps & Throws on the Tatami

A number of students set out on Sunday 24th February 2019 to Sensei Mandie Read of Dudley Shukokai Karate‘s dojo to have a training sensei on the mats. The dojo ias fully kitted out with tatami mats and other equipment giving us the perfect opportunity to practise throws, sweeps and competition kata. We covered basic throws, reaps and sweeps with escapes from grabs and other scenarios.

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The Dojo Diary – It’s kicking at Longbridge (W/E 16/02/2019)

Just a few short videos of the first class at longbridge on Wednesday night with the juniors and seniors working on Keri Waza (kicking techniques). Starting off slowly, then building up speed, this helps students guage distance, use correct technique and control when striking a target. Still a work in progress but a good effort by all.

The second class was an improtu kobudo (weapons) class by request with the seniors working on the bo kata shushi no kon.

On Monday night at Weoley Castle, we had a few surprise visitors with some old friends and former students of Shihan Cummins, Daniel Eccles and Yvonne Skalban dropping in and sensei Richard Amuzu coming by for a bit of bo practice.… Read the rest

The Dojo Diary – Weoley Castle Dojo (W/E 09/02/2019)

The Dojo Diary – Weoley Castle Dojo (W/E 09/02/2019)

As they say a picture speaks a thousand words and this entry in our Dojo Diary series of posts is going to take advantage of that old adage. Here are a few photos and videos from the Weoley Castle dojo on the 7th February 2019 where the session concentrated on kicking and sparring with Sensei Sue Hession.

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Well done Shania Hopkins on Well done Shania Hopkins on achieving 4th Kyu

Well done Shania Hopkins on  Well done Shania Hopkins on achieving 4th Kyu

Great session tonight at Longbridge Methodist Church, with Shaniah Hopkins earning her 4th kyu due to her exceeding dedication which has saw her more than surpass the requirements for the grade and a merit certificate for attending 32 training sessions in January applying herself dilligently in all

The main topic covered in tonight’s training was elbow strikes (Empi Uchi)
upwards strike (Age Empi), downwards strike (Otoshi Empi), Side strike (Yoko Empi), backwards strike (Ushiro Empi), roundhouse strike (Mawashi Empi). These were practised as a kata and with partner work to practice them from both karate attacks and swing punches and grabs.… Read the rest