BWCSK at the GB Open Round 1

BWCSK at the GB Open Round 1

BWCSK sent a team to compete at the GB Open Competition Series for the first round on the 16th February 2020 held at Wolverhapton Univerity’s  Walsall Campus. The team did well winning a few trophies and adding some points to the leaderboard for the series. Congratulations to all those who competed and our thanks to Mauro and Sophie Menchuni for organising the event.

The BWCSK Team results were as follows:

Name Position Category Points
Paige Hopkins 3rd Under 14 Adapted Kata – All Grades – Mixed 5
Phoebe Hadley Joint 3rd Children 6 years and underJuruken (Kickbag) – Open Grade – Female 5
Shanai Stanley 3rd Team Kumite  
Jacob McBride 3rd Team Kumite  





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BWCSK WKU England Squad members return celebration

BWCSK WKU England squad members

Today we welcomed back the BWCSK club members who were part of the England squad for the WKU World Championships in Austria.

This was a very successful competition with the squad members returning having won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in various categories.

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Well done Mike! Silver & Bronze at the KGS Series Competition 2019

Congratulations to Michael Paul who won Bronze in Traditional Weapons and Silver in Veterans Kumite at the KWON Grand Slam Competition.

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Well done Kyree, bronze in Adapted Kata!

Well done to Kyree Notice who won a bronze medal in adapted kata at today’s AKA Kata Competition.

Good effort from all those in the BWCSK squad who competed today.

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Competition news: More medals at the 2nd KGS Series competition 2019

Well done to all those who formed the BWCSK squad for the second competition in the KWON Grand Slam (KGS) Series 2019 on Sunday March 17th. The squad returned with an impressive medal haul:

  • Micheal Paul – Gold Weapons
  • Faye Tonkinson – Gold Ladies Veteran Kata
  • Angela Notice – Silver Ladies Veteran Kata
  • Rouédel Farel-Reid – Bronze Under 12 yrs Kata
  • Elijah Farel-Reid – Bronze Under 10 yrs Kata
  • Chelsea Babatope – Silver Under 10 yrs Kumite
  • Jacob McBride – Gold Adult Men’s kumite, Bronze Under 17 yrs Kumite
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Competition success: Well done Jacob!

Jacob McBride took part in the Rhondda Open Karate Championships in Wales this weekend coming away with a bronze medal in the Adult Kata and Silver in the Under 16s Kata plus a Bronze in the Under 16s Kumite categories. Well done Jacob, another brilliant result for this exceptional young man.

Jacob with trophies
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A good start to the year at the first KGS Series Competition 2019

On the day that would have been the late Shihan Cyril Cummins birthday, two BWCSK students entered the Kwon Grand Slam Series 2019 competition both doing very well in their respective categories. A fitting way to celebrate our late Sensei’s birthday.

Shania Hopkins whilst she didn’t medal she came 4th out of thirteen entries in her category her first big kumite competition and the same for kata excellent for a 10 year old

Jacob McBride won Silver in Adults Kata and Kumite brilliant for a 15 year old, he also won Gold in under 17 Kumite and Gold in Pairs Kata with Harley Cottis (from our friend and also Shihan Cummins former student Sensei Steve Garland’s The Fudoshin Dojo),

Harley and Jacob
An excellent photo of Jacob and harley mid-jump by LN Photography
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Congratulations Jacob at today’s KWON competition

Congratulations to Jacob McBride on his outstanding achievement today at the KWON Competition. The results for today :-

  • Gold in Adult Kumite
  • Silver in Under 17s Kumite
  • Silver in Under 17s Kata
  • Silver in Team Kata (with Harley)
  • Bronze in Adult Kata
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Well done at the AKA Invitational Championships

Well done to the students from BHSKC / WCSKC who competed today. Kyree got bronze in adaptive kata , Chelsea got bronze in under 10 yrs novice kata, Archie, Shania and Elijah were unplaced but did very very well at their very first competition, Jacob Mcbride, Jack Wheeley and Alex got bronze in rotational Kumite .

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Jacob McBride has today become a World Champion!

On 29th October 2018 at the WKU International Championships in Athens, Greece, Jacob McBride with his England squad team mates became a world champion. Winning gold in two events and bronze in another we cannot tell you how proud we are of this young mans achievements.

Jacob McBride with Matthew Hyndman and his kumite team mates taking the world title by besting the Germans and Italians in Athens at the WKU International Championship
Jacob and the mens kumite team on the podium with the German and Italian teams
Jacob on his return to the club

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