Lauren Marie

I teach Japanese from beginner right up to advanced levels. I offer an equal based learning environment with online materials, tips and tricks on how to translate sentences.

Skills you expect to learn are: interpretation, listening with varying speeds to train the ear, kanji, reading and speaking. Explanation of grammar points are provided with accompanying vocabulary lists to ensure the student can translate example sentences provided to them. I also prescribe to the Instantaneous Composition Method meaning your fluency and translation from English to Japanese improves exponentially, thus the ability to have flowing conversations will come more naturally, using this technique that is not taught in schools.

I have a degree in linguistics and Japanese and a masters in voice and phonetics, so I teach pronunciation thoroughly which is key to being understood. Lesson notes are emailed to the student post class to aid with self study outside of class times. I have over 5 years teaching experience.

My rates are £25 per hour, 1 hour lessons conducted over zoom at any time that is convenient to student (can be discussed).

Please email me on or 07954207923 to enquire.

Thank you!


Learn Japanese! Lessons available from one of our students.

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