BWCSK are pleased to announce the opening of a new location for training on Saturdays. Unfortunately since the national Covid-19 lockdown in March we have been unable to run our usual Saturday classes due to circumstances beyond our control and that venue has been unable to reopen as soon as we had hoped it would. Fortunately we have now been able to find a new location in the same area for our students which we hope will be equally as convenient to those who used to train at the previous venue. We would like to introduce the Bournville College dojo, this is located at Bournville College, 1 Longbridge Lane, Longbridge, B31 2AJ with training taking place at 1pm on Saturdays’ in the Sports Hall.


We are still subject to Covid restrictions and so can currently only accommodate up to fifteen (15) juniors on a class and five (5) adults on a separate parallel class which will take place at the same time. The juniors (under 18s) class is now available for booking via the usual booking form but the adult seniors (over 18s) class is not available for bookings and is invitation only at present to ensure that all seniors can get a chance to train on one of these when available. We may review the possibility of bookings for the adult class in the future.

Below is a picture from our first class at the new venue.


New training location in Longbridge at Bournville College

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