Well a new new routine has settled in since we have returned to the dojo so it seemed a good time to do a round up of the journey so far.The Longbridge dojo is yet to reopen but we are currently running classes on Mondays, Tuesdays (an extra night whilst Longbridge is still closed) and Thursdays at the Weoley Castle dojo. Since the return we have had a few junior students who trained throughout the lockdown on zoom take socially distanced kyu gradings under an adapted syllabus. We would like to congratulate all of you on your new grades, you’ve trained hard over the last few months despite the challenging circumstances and progressed. We have also had some new starters who we would like to welcome to the club as they take their first steps on their karate journey.

More generally we have been having classes consisting on basics and kata, going over some of the new things taught during lockdown and having a refresher on previous dojo teachings. Some of the more advanced kata covered have included Tekki Nidan, Sochin, Kanku Dai, Kanku Sho, Jitte, Hangetsu and Bassai Dai with lots of revision of the Heian kata and Tekki Shodan as well. I think we are all enjoying being able to train without worrying about hitting or breaking your furniture or computer (some of those kicks during lockdown did come dangerously close to the camera).

Here are a few pictures taken since our return.


The Return Of The Karate-Ka

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