Well done to everyone who graded tonight, it ended up being a long grading evening but you all approached it brilliantly giving your best efforts when called upon and showed great spirit. A special mention for Amy who did an unprecedented triple grading to yellow belt and Madgdi, Dylan and Seth who double graded. None of them knew they were potentially going to do multiple gradings today but as always we take note on class and see how people do when pushed beyond what is expected and if we are very impressed we may call people up to attempt an extra grade after the one they were expecting to do.

We also held are end of year awards after the gradings revealing who won this years Student of the Year. Special congratulations to Kyree Notice who was awarded this year’s club shield for most improved student. This was presented by last years winner Lincoln Boult who received a smaller personalised shield to permanently keep.

December 2019 Kyu Gradings and End of Year Awards

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