Special congratulations to our newest shodan (1st dan) and two new sandan (3rd dan) black belts who passed their gradings on Wednesday 19th June 2019. They took their grading under the watchful eye of the panel consisting of  Sensei Austin Birks 5th dan, Sensei Susan Hession 4th dan, Sensei Richard Amuzu 4th dan and Sensei Dorien Cummins 2nd dan  (widow of our late sensei and club founder Shihan Cyril Cummins 8th dan).

It had been over eight years since some of them had previously graded but they have shown dedication and determination in their training to reach this point. They had a tough grading which tests character as much as technique and all passed admirably.

Well done Angela Notice – Shodan, Hanna B. – Sandan and Sensei Jeffett Jenkins – Sandan.

Special Congratulations passing your Dan gradings!

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